Who We Are

We’re about more than just kicks and punches. We’re about creating an experience that leads students to discover their potential through martial arts. We’re about the cultivation of character, leadership, indomitable spirit, and integrity. We’re about delivering an education of lasting value.

What we do

We teach students from 4 years and up with programs customized to meet the needs of young children, children, teens, and adults. Our core curriculum integrates Moo Do Kwan and Olympic TaeKwonDo, sports skill enhancement training, and defense fundamentals. We also teach advanced self-defense Hapkido and Tae Han Gumdo.

School History

Paek’s Tae Kwon Do School was established in 1971 by Grandmaster Nam Suk Paek, and is the oldest family operated TaeKwonDo school in the Philadelphia area. In 1982 Grandmaster In Ho Kim came to America and became an instructor at the school. In 1991, Grandmaster In Ho Kim assumed ownership of the school from his uncle, Nam Suk Paek when he retired.

GrandMaster In Ho Kim, GrandMaster Nam Suk Paek
and GrandMaster In Won Kim

(GrandMaster In Won Kim operates a Martial Art Studio near Tampa, Florida)

Why choose Paek’s?

? We emphasize holistic character development in our teaching philosophy

? We have a passion for children and a commitment to improving their lives

? We offer the most authentic TaeKwonDo instruction and teach it with an innovative method grounded in exercise physiology and neuroscience

? Our training provides a highly effective physical exercise that delivers fitness results by combining cardiovascular endurance, muscular development, core strength and flexibility

? We are committed to the highest quality of instruction

? Our small class sizes allow us to give our students individual attention

? We are family oriented and have a strong sense of community

Paek’s Martial Art School is devoted to improving the quality of life of its members. We want you to become part of our community, and to join in the experience of the martial arts.

Teaching Philosophy

First and foremost, we are an educational institution. To us, this means the quality of our students’ experience is the true gauge of our success. Our teaching philosophy can be summarized in a few points:

? We treat our students as individuals

? We teach interactively to make learning exciting

? We teach with compassion

? We train our instructors to be personal trainers, teachers, and mentors

? We teach our students to become leaders

? We make promotional tests a learning experience

Training Facilities:
Paek's boasts two climate controlled training floors. It is newly remodeled in traditional decor with bamboo floors, seating galleries and changing rooms. The training areas have 2 inches of firm foam padding to insure the safety and footing of our students. Both floors are 2400 sq feet totalling 4800 sq feet of training space.

Specifically designed for martial artists, each floor is fully equipped: Large & small heavy bags, focus kicking targets, large kicking targets, bo-staffs, nun-chucks, boards for breaking and mats for rolls and falls.

First Floor 2400 sq feet, padded floors & seating gallery

Second Floor 2400 sq feet, padded floors, seating gallery and changing rooms.

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Monday - Thursday
(last class begins at 8:15pm)

(last class begins at 6:30pm)


Come in and watch a class!

We strive to teach world-class, authentic martial arts with passion to help each student:

? Strengthen their moral character and build self-confidence

? Achieve cardiovascular endurance and an athletic physique that is strong, balanced, and flexible

? Learn self-defense tactics and principles to protect themselves

Check out our photo gallery and blog to see what we're all about, or experience it first hand by swinging by for a visit!

Paek’s Community

In addition to being a facility to receive martial arts instruction, Paek’s is a vibrant community. On one hand, its membership represents diversity of age, occupation, ethnicity, and religion. If you come to our Saturday morning class at eleven o’clock, you’ll experience the essence of community in the refreshing interaction of teenagers kicking in tandem with middle-aged adults and spirited senior citizens. While our community takes pride in its diversity, we share many values in common. Our members—many of whom have been training here for decades—value hard work, health, lifelong education, and respect for their body. The attitude at Paek’s is friendly, social, and supportive. It is safe, non-violent, drug-free, and children are never left alone. Our high-quality martial arts program attracts people who in turn define who we are as a community.