Taekwondo - Children:

Our Children’s program is designed to teach focus, concentration, muscle development, balance, and gross motor coordination within the context of Taekwondo.? Their training will also target behavior development, awareness of others, self confidence and character development.

As your child masters the skills necessary to complete each belt rank, you will see a tremendous improvement in their balance, coordination, memory and behavioral skills.? They will develop strength with increasingly challenging calisthenics and aerobic Taekwondo moves, balance in the form of focused kicking actions, coordination in the form of sparring drills, and speed in the form of striking and kicking exercises, concentration in the form of pattern memorization, and focus in the form of eye-hand and eye-foot target exercises.? Children will learn traditional martial art and progress through the formal belt rank system with the addition of “half stripe” tests up to the rank of Black Belt.? All tests are designed to allow instructors to evaluate the students based upon their individual abilities, encouraging students to excel to their “personal best.” ?Your child will love the challenge of the activity as well as the reward from frequent testing to the next rank.

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Taekwondo - Teen & Adult:

Our Taekwondo program of martial arts provides the student with not only the most effective method of weaponless self-defense, but also an intricate art form, an Olympic sport, and a means of maintaining physical fitness.?

The purpose of training in martial arts is to develop coordination between the mind, body and spirit.? The martial art drills and learning activities in our classes integrate aerobic stamina and physical strength with concentration skills.? You will see that these activities vary depending upon your age and level.? What you learn at our school will help you in every aspect of your life.

Since Taekwondo should not be measured on physical ability alone, tests are given by qualified instructors and evaluate one’s overall performance including concentration and attitude as well as the physical techniques, forms, and breaking.? Martial Art students are expected to show more emphasis on respect and mind control rather than on show-off abilities.

To earn a black belt is not an easy task.? When a student sets goals and adheres to training with patience, it can be achieved.? In the process the student will learn how to become successful in Martial Arts and in everyday life.

Tiger Team:

The Tiger Team is a unique opportunity for select students to experience training in all aspects of Martial Arts offered at the school.? Membership to the Tiger Team is by invitation only to certain students who have demonstrated an aptitude in mastering Martial Arts, good academic achievement, and, most importantly, a positive attitude.? Tiger Team members will be allowed to demonstrate at tests, parties, and outside events.? Members will also participate in school and outside tournaments.? Members will be recognized by a special uniform which identifies them as belonging to this elite group.

Tae Han Gumdo:

Gumdo means "the way of the sword."? The art of the sword in Korea evolved from a martial art heritage reaching back more than three thousand years to the time of the Bronze Age. Archeological records indicate that the sword and its art were a part of daily life in Korean antiquity to defend territorial hold extending from Manchuria to Korean peninsula and early settlements in the Japanese main island.

Gumdo can be described as "Character Building" through the manipulation of the sword in manner of meditation.? Gumdo is both physically and mentally demanding, developing upper body strength in addition to aerobic stamina, but physical power is less important than doing everything with full spirit and effort. The essence of Gumdo is attaining mental, spiritual, and physical harmony with calm and balance.

Gumdo will teach you self-confidence, discipline, respect for others and yourself, integrity and the will power to overcome any adversity in real life.

Weapons Class:

Historically, weapons were developed from three primary sources; the military, religious monasteries, and common citizens.? The specific characteristics of a weapon and its uses will reflect these historical roots.? Most weapons resemble practical tools or farm implements.? Training in weapons requires the practitioner to conceptualize them as an extension of the arm or body.? Moves are based on the same technical principles as unarmed techniques.? Our school offers training in Bo Staff, Nunchucks, Knives and Swords.


Hapkido is a unique Martial art in that it integrates seven areas; striking, avoiding and blocking, holding, throwing, weapons, internal techniques (meditation, breathing, internal energy development), and healing.? The first six areas are emphasized equally during formal training and integrated into our Martial Arts programs.? The seventh area, healing techniques, is usually part of Master Level training and focuses on specific healing arts requiring highly developed Ki (internal) energy.

Master Course:

For the most dedicated students who would like to have a future in Martial Arts.? Students must demonstrate great potential talent, good physical condition, and the ability to continually improve.? Students must also show a commitment to Martial Arts with the expectation that they will pass on their passion through teaching.Master course students will experience outstanding physical conditioning while learning self defense skills, great discipline, respect and the ability to teach.