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Throughout the years of a Paek’s education, children advance to programs tailored to their age and skill in which different conceptual threads are introduced and then developed. The result is an exceptional degree of continuity and coherence, and an environment in which each student is challenged, but not pressured beyond their capabilities.

Enrollment Offers Three Options:

Silver Member Program

Gold Member Program

Master Membership Program

Call 215-885-3000 or e-mail Today for an appointment
and to come watch classes and tour the facilities!

FREE! Call for a free introductory lesson!

Call Today!


Monday - Thursday
(last class begins at 8:15pm)

(last class begins at 6:30pm)


Belt Ranking System
White Belt - beginner
Minimum number of classes to test: 20
Children: White/Yellow Stripe: 20

Yellow Belt - beginner
Minimum number of classes to test: 20
Children: Yellow/Orange Stripe: 20

Orange Belt - beginner
Minimum number of classes to test: 20
Children: Orange/Green Stripe: 25

Green Belt - Intermediate
Minimum number of classes to test: 25
Children: Green/Purple Stripe: 25
Purple Belt - Intermediate
Minimum number of classes to test: 25
Children: Purple/Blue Stripe: 30

Blue Belt - Intermediate
Minimum number of classes to test: 30

Children: Blue/Brown Stripe: 30

Brown Belt - Advanced
Minimum number of classes to test: 30
Children: Brown/Red Stripe: 35

Red Belt - Advanced
Minimum number of classes to test: 35

Cho Dan Bo - Advanced
Minimum number of classes to test: 35

Black Belt - Advanced
Minimum number of classes to test: 35

Black Belt Ranks

2nd Dan Black Belt - Instructor

3rd Dan Black Belt - Instructor

4th Dan Black Belt - Master Instructor

5th Dan Black Belt - Master Instructor

6th Dan Black Belt - Master Instructor

7th Dan Black Belt
Grand Master Instructor

8th Dan Black Belt
Grand Master Instructor

9th Dan Black Belt
Grand Master Instructor

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Fill out the form below to contact us via email:

We recommend a minumum class attendance of at least twice a week. Belt promotion tests are once a month. All students must undergo pretesting before applications for belt promotions are accepted.

Children’s Program

This program targets age-appropriate skills related to growth and development, including agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, speed, strength, focus, and memorization. It also teaches discipline, self-confidence, and it builds a foundation for serious athletic endeavors. The Children’s Program covers:

•  Punching, kicking, blocking, and striking (elbow, knee, hand)

•  Forms, board breaking, light-contact sparring

•  Core strength, static flexibility, elementary school age-specific sport skill enhancement training

•  Gymnastics fundamentals (rolls, falls, balance beam work, handstands, cartwheels)

•  Defense fundamentals: one-step sparring, judo wrestling, and escapes.

Successful completion of this program prepares students for the Olympic Program.

Olympic Program

We title the program for teenage and adult students the “Olympic Program” because its curriculum focuses on the feats of athleticism in martial arts. The material is taught more in-depth and at a faster-pace, with topics including:

•  Punching, kicking, blocking, and striking (elbow, knee, hand)

•  Advanced aerial kicks

•  Forms, board breaking, sparring

•  Core strength, static and dynamic flexibility, plyometric drills, footwork agility drills, sport skill enhancement training

•  Gymnastics fundamentals (rolls, falls, handstands)

•  Judo wrestling and throws, self-defense

Because age is one determinant of physical ability, students practice age-appropriate exercises.

Teens and young adults are at the prime age to train intensively, and to attempt the most challenging techniques. All adults train together, but we provide instruction to help each student modify exercises to his or her physical capabilities.

Weapons Program

In addition to the Integrated Core Curriculum classes, students can sign up for the weapons program. Children learn nunchucks and bo staff. Teen and adults may also learn Gumdo, which is a type of sword training. The Weapons Program is highly recommended for students with an interest in playing baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, or hockey, because it helps develop:

•  Eye-hand coordination

•  Fine motor skills

•  Upper body strength, including wrist and hand strength

•  Spatial awareness, awareness of strength

•  Advanced balance while holding an object

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